40DAYS, 35RIDES, 3100km

In 2003, I hitchhiked all of Japan from Wakkanai to Kagoshima because I wanted to discover the soul of Japan. It was the reason I stayed. 
In 2017, I did it again, the other way to share that same love for Japan I discovered 14 years earlier. 
Along the way, you’ll learn a lot about the place I now call home.  

About John Daub

My name is John Daub, Creator & Producer of the ONLY in JAPAN series. From food adventures and tech to history and culture, I put all of my 23 years of experience living in Japan into entertaining episodes you'll learn a lot from. You can also find me livestreaming my adventures on my second YouTube channel: ONLY in JAPAN * GO. Always on the road, I look for stories and ways to change how you think about and see this amazing country.

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